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The Complete '1-Day' Smile with Dental Implants

i-Smile is an approach to placing Implants whereby same-day temporary teeth (Fixed Dental Bridge) is secured to Dental Implants and can be placed in one appointment. The treatment can be completed in just a few appointments. Do you have loose teeth? Don’t like your dentures? Then the i-smile can help you.
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If you have several missing teeth or loose teeth, we understand how this can effect your confidence and some of the other consequences of tooth loss, which you may experience, can be:
  • Bone loss – once the teeth are lost then the bone supporting the teeth begins to become resorbed and you will notice a significant change in the mouth.
  • Bite force reduction – once several teeth are lost then this can have an impact on your ability to chew. So you find yourself taking longer to chew and even avoiding certain foods making it very difficult especially at meal times and even more at social events and at restaurents.
  • Premature aging – if you have lost a number of teeth then you may experience a loss in the support for the face and the impact of this is that the face begins to collapse and show a much more aged appearance
  • Speech problems – if your have had dentures recently then it can be often difficult to talk correctly as it can affect your speech which can be important for your occupation and a source of frustration.
  • Reduction in general health and wellbeing – if you have had teeth missing for some years you may find yourself not getting enough nutrition from your food as your avoiding certain foods this can lead to digestive problems and also other more complicated health problems
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i-Smile Benefits

  • Have a new smile in 1 day.
  • Enjoy, smile and again. With a full set of teeth giving you the confidence to smile
  • All this in 1 day for everyone
  • Enjoy your food once more no more embarrassing moments and this will give you the ability to chew and eat the foods you want and also improve your long term health
  • Implants are a long lasting affordable solution for your tooth loss.
  • Reverse the impact of the aging process which occurs as a result of losing teeth

Confidence boost so you can take on life’s challenges in the most secure manner.

  • The fixed bridge used in the i-Smile™ treatment does not involve a plastic-covered palate, so you can once again savour the full taste of your favourite food items.
  • You will be able to chew and bite on food without worrying about discomfort, or that your teeth replacement will be displaced with each mouth movement.
Contact us at one of our i-Smile™ Implant clinics today on 0203 28 999 35. We have clinics in West End – Central London (Harley Street & Oxford Street), Middlesex  (Twickenham), Berkshire (Reading), West Sussex (Horsham), Surrey & Lancashire (Preston).
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home-content-dr-avik-imgSo who will be undertaking your care?

Award-Winning & Postgraduate Qualified Surgeons & Implant Dentists

At (iSmile), your treatment is conducted by some of the UK's most established and trusted Dental Implant Dentists. Our carefully-chosen dentists have both the experience and the advanced postgraduate qualifications in advanced Dental Implantology. We have a strict vetting process to ensure that your treatment & aftercare are in the hands of experienced clinicians who will guide you in every step of your journey towards long-term dental health, and a life that is "Missing Teeth-free". All our Implant Dentists are trained in the i-Smile "Dental Implant Supported Same Day" technique.
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i-smile-dental-implant-certificatei-Smile™ Certificate of Authentication
Your Guarantee

  • Guarantee & Aftercare Support
  • Your Treatment is guaranteed for 10 Years.
    (against failure of the implants or fracture and de-cementation of the bridges.
  • One year follow-up appointments are included.




ismile same day dental implantsSame Day Dental Implants as Ideal Denture Alternatives at i-Smile™

Dentures offer quick solutions to missing teeth problems, replacing the form and function of lost teeth. The problem begins when the false teeth start to become loose and cause issues such as:

  • Discomfort – loose dentures will rub painfully against soft inner mouth parts, and the gums.
  • Embarrassment – loss of confidence results when loose dentures move unexpectedly, or come out of the mouth when speaking, laughing, or eating.
  • Difficulty in Eating – ill-fitting false teeth make it very hard to chew or bite into certain food items. The plastic-covered palate of dentures makes food taste abnormal or weird, decreasing the enjoyment during mealtimes.
  • Speech Problems – clear pronunciation of words can be a challenge when false teeth are not anchored securely inside the mouth.
  • Jawbone Deterioration – jawbone deteriorates when it does not receive stimulation from tooth roots (which were lost along with the missing teeth).

Are you worried about denture use? Or are you tired of using loose dentures? Same day dental implants can provide the solutions you’re looking for.

Same day dental implants replace the form and function of lost natural teeth without the need to go through the difficulties of denture use. Dentures and dental implants both replace missing teeth; however, implants offer these advantages over dentures:

  • Complete security (no movement from teeth replacements)
  • Natural-looking teeth
  • Confidence (no embarrassing loose dentures)
  • Jawbone deterioration prevention (implants continue to stimulate the jawbone)
  • Comfortable use
  • Clear speech

Dental implants cost in the UK is affected by several factors. To give you an idea, the prices for our i-Smile™ Package options are determined by: how quickly you require the treatment to be finished (with your new set of teeth); the materials used in creating your smile design (teeth replacements); and the type of the dental restoration (dental bridge, or dentures) fixed with dental implants.

Quick Missing Teeth Solutions with One Day Dental Implants with clinics in West End – London (Harley Street & Oxford Street), Twickenham (Middlesex), Reading (Berkshire), Horsham (West Sussex), Surrey & Lancashire (Preston)

What are One Day Teeth Implants? (also known as 1 day implants or Same Day Smiles)

1 Day Dental Implants refers to the method of placing the implants into the jawbone, and connecting these implants to teeth replacements (dental bridge or dentures) within a single dental appointment. The entire treatment is then completed within a few more appointments.

Set yourself free from missing teeth and loose denture problems. Choose One Day Dental Implants (Same day Smiles) now at i-Smile™, and be amazed at the immediate smile improvement results!

What are the Benefits of One Day Dental Implants?

One day teeth implants enable you to be free from missing teeth problems, and loose denture problems, after just one dental appointment. The temporary fixed bridge is securely attached to the implants so you can smile, chew, eat, and speak confidently without worrying about a teeth restoration that unexpectedly moves inside your mouth. While you are waiting for the implant treatment to be finished, you will not be toothless – instead, you will have a brand-new smile that you can immediately use.

Dental implants in one day give your smile immediate functional and aesthetic improvements

Are you curious as to what is involved in the cost of an implant treatment? The one day dental implants cost may vary due to a number of factors, including: the dental implant brand or system to be used; how quick you want to have your brand-new set of teeth (the entire treatment completed); the type of teeth restoration used (a dental bridge or dentures), and the materials used to create your bespoke smile.

i-Smile™ Dental Implants Cost

A full mouth dental implants treatment aims to restore the full function and normal aesthetics of all missing teeth. Even if you have lost all of your teeth, there is no need for you to go through life toothless and suffering from the discomfort and embarrassment of tooth loss. The implants, together with the bespoke teeth restorations, will give you confident, secure smiles guaranteed to last for a very long time – so you can enjoy a better quality of life after suffering from the loss of your natural teeth.

How much do Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of full mouth dental implants with an i-Smile™ treatment are affected by the following factors:

  • The length of time you require for your new set of teeth to be ready (how quickly you want your bespoke teeth to be finished;
  • The type of implant-supported fixed teeth restoration (dentures or dental bridge)
  • The type of materials used to create your custom-made smile design

What is Included in the i-Smile™ Treatment?

The dental implants cost for full mouth restorations with an i-Smile™ treatment includes the following:

  • All 3D CT scans
  • Fixed temporary acrylic dental bridge
  • Planning and minor bone grafting/bone-guided regeneration
  • Final bespoke designed dental bridge
  • 10-year guarantee (against implants fracture, implants failure, and de-cementation of the dental bridges)
  • 1-year free aftercare and support


Do you want to know more about the cost of full mouth dental implants with an i-Smile™ treatment? Call our Implant Dentists now on 0203 28 999 35 – and let’s talk about improving your smile so you can have the confidence to face life’s challenges head on.

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