i-Smile™ Dental Implant Fees and Options

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Option 1
i-Smile™ Denture


See below for details.

Option 2 
i-Smile™ Fixed Teeth



Option 3 
i-Smile™ Same Day Teeth



i-smile-dental-implant-certificateAll Inclusive Prices* – On All Three Options Below

Monthly Payment Plans (Finance) are Available

i-Smile Dental Implant prices Include:

  • Free Consultation / Assessment
  • 3D CT Scans
  • 24/7 Aftercare
  • 10 Year Implant Guarantee
  • Free Follow-up Appointments (1 Year Aftercare & Support)
  • Treatment by UK Qualified, Experienced and Vetted Implant Dentists


*Additional fees may be incurred for treatments such as Bone or Sinus Grafting if required.
*Finance subject to Terms & Conditions

 Three Options for Full Mouth Dental Implants                              

1) i-Smile™ Denture

Tailor-made Removable Denture Supported with 4-6 Dental Implants (Implant Retained Denture)

What’s included:

  • Tailor-made removable denture which is supported with 4-6 implants in the upper and lower jaws.
  • After careful planning the implants will be placed.
  • Then the removable denture will be constructed to fit your mouth.
  • The implants give the denture support and preventing the denture moving and giving you
    more confidence to eat the food you like.
  • Without any embarrassment and also no longer have to use any denture fixative to secure your denture.

Total Fee: £8,995.00 (Per Jaw)

  • *Or 3 payments of £2,995.00
  • *Or a monthly fee of £146.84 over 60 months


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2) i-Smile™ Fixed Teeth

Tailor-made Dental Bridge Supported by 4-6 Dental Implants


What’s included:

  • This package consists of 4-6 implants in each arch the upper and lower once careful planning
    and assessment is undertaken.
  • Once the implants have been integrated in the mouth, which takes 4 months we then construct
    a bespoke Dental Bridge.
  • Which is made to fit your mouth with care to construct a smile and teeth that fit your mouth
    and also your whole face.
  • Giving you the confidence to smile and chew and not have to worry about having to take the bridge
    out at all so as close to a natural set of teeth as possible.

Total Fee: £11,995.00 (Per Jaw)

  • *Or three payments of £3,998.00
  • *Or £209.82 a month over 60 months


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3) i-Smile™ Same Day Teeth

Tailor-made Dental Bridge Supported by 6 implants (Fixed in One Day)


What’s included:

  • This package is for you if you are looking for an immediate solution for your problems.
  • Once the careful planning has been done we will then place 6 implants in each arch upper and lower
    and on the same day fit an immediate provisional bridge on the day.
  • This means you do not have to wait any length of time without your teeth
  • On the same day you will be able to chew and smile and have a fixed solution to your problems.

Total Fee £15,995.00 (Per Jaw)


  • *Or 3 payments of £5,331.00
  • *Or £293.80 a month over 60 months

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  i-Smile Sponsorship (Funding)                                                      

We have set aside some funds in a sponsorship package, as we understand this can be a life changing procedure for our patients and also we have heard the many problems that our patients have faced first hand. So as a result we have a limted amount of funds and can help towards the total investment

  • £475.00 towards i-Smile Removable Denture (Option 1)
  • £582.00 towards the i-Smile Dental Bridge (Option 2)
  • £783.00 towards the i-Smile Immediate Dental Bridge  (Option 3)

If you would like to apply for the sponsorship then please let us know and we will consider your application and see if you qualify of this. 

Offer & Promotion Terms and Conditions

*To secure an offer a non refundable deposit must be paid: £1000.00
* You are invited to attend a Free Consultation before you decide at one of our UK Clinics.
*Offer based Treatment must commence within 3 months.
* Offers & promotions can be retracted at any time.