i-Smile™ Same
Day Teeth

What is i-Smile™ Dental Implant System?

I-Smile™ is a full mouth, i-smile-ilustration-large “same-day” missing teeth solution and concept. It offers a complete new smile (or set of teeth) with a 6-Dental Implant-Supported Dental Bridge.

Stronger – More Aesthetic – Bio-compatible

I-Smile™ is a completely different treatment philosophy to the other known systems which essentially use 4 implants and a bridge made from a plastic dental material (i.e :a denture). i-Smile systems only involve the construction of a high quality fixed ceramic bridge placed on a minimum of 6 implants – which is a stronger and more aesthetic material as well as being very bio-compatible in our patients mouths.

Six Dental Implants = Longevity

The reason we opt to use 6 implants is that this offers several fail safes for our patients. If for example one implant were to not fuse to the bone the remaining implants will serve adequately to support the entire dentition, whereas if only 4 were used and one implant did not work the entire bridge would be compromised. Hence our system offers a complete peace of mind for all our patients in the longer term.

Natural Looking Teeth

We always endeavor to create a natural gum line using our patients own existing gum tissue. Other cheaper alternatives will aim to remove large amounts of gum and bone to accommodate the bulky plastic dentures screwed into place. It is our philosophy to save bone, gum and natural tissue structures in the firm belief that this is how the human dentition was supposed to be.

So when comparing the i-Smile Implant system to other known same day teeth brands please bear this important information to hand and always ask the dentist what the material of the final bridge will be constructed from.

Only Hand-picked Implant Dentists

All our dentists have been handpicked to deliver the very highest standard of care. And all have a minimum of 10 years experience. ”


Who can have an i-Smile™?

  • Full denture wearers
  • Those with teeth that are failing or loose
  • Those who have severe overall dental health with teeth that are in poor condition

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i-Smile™ Options and Pricing

We offer three options whereby the treatment and price varies depending on:

  • How quickly you require your new set of teeth
  • The type of dental implant fixed appliance (e.g. a dental bridge or denture)
  • The type of materials used to make your smile design (teeth)

How Long Does the i-Smile™ Treatment Take?

Same-day temporary teeth (Fixed Bridge) are secured to Dental Implants and can be placed in one appointment.

The complete treatment can be completed in just a few appointments. The total treatment time can be 3-6 months.

What are the Steps Involved?

  1.  Twelve-teeth temporary Bridge fixed with 4-6 Dental Implants on your first appointment
  2.  Final Bespoke-Designed Dental Bridge is placed after healing (3-6 months)


What is Included in Your Treatment?

  • Initial ConsultationAll 3D CT Scans
  • Fixed Temporary Acrylic Dental Bridge
  • Final Bespoke-Designed Dental Bridge
  • Planning and minor guided bone regeneration
  • 10 year guarantee (against failure of the implants or fracture and de-cementation of the bridges)
  • 1-Year free aftercare & support

* Excludes: Sinus Grafts, major grafts, complex extractions if required



What will i-Smile™ do for your Confidence?

We offer high-quality, reliable missing teeth solutions that are guaranteed to bring you back the confidence to smile.

You will be able to eat food that you may not have been able to enjoy before. Your bespoke-designed smile and teeth will look natural and can even make you look younger.

Benefits of i-Smile™


  • New set of temporary fixed teeth in a day
  • A fixed set of teeth will allow you to chew and taste your food like you used to
  • More confident lifestyle
  • Anti-ageing (Implants maintains facial bone)
  • No palate covered with plastic
  • Complete treatment in just a few visits
  • Painless surgery in just a few hours (with IV Sedation)
  • No hidden costs. Completely transparent fees
  • Treatment by experienced UK-qualified surgeons
  • Highest level of care before, during, & after treatment
  • Complete Guarantee & Aftercare offers total peace of mind
  • i-Smile™ Certificate of Authenticity


Hand-Crafted Smile Design

We have a dedicated dental laboratory and qualified dental technicians who will design your new smile (Dental Bridge), which will be in harmony with your face shape.

Teeth will be hand-painted and shaped to look natural and as close to “how your teeth used to be” as possible.

Your Comfort and Well-being during Treatment

We have highly-experienced, qualified, and caring dental professionals to look after you from start to finish towards a pain-free, calm, and pleasant journey. Conscious Sedation (Intravenous Sedation) is offered during surgery.