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Implant Dentists
& Patient Care Team

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At i-Smile™, your Dental Implant treatment is realised by some of UK’s foremost and trusted Implantologists.

Our carefully-selected surgeons have years of experience and advanced qualifications in Dental Implants.
We adhere to a strict vetting process to ensure that your overall care, treatment and after-care are in the hands of clinicians who will guide you with utmost clarity every step of the way.

Begin your journey with confidence. If you have any questions, call us on: 0203 28 999 35 or mobile: 0776 0766 807 (Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm). We have clinics in:

  • Central London / West End (Harley Street & Oxford Street)
  • Twyford (Reading – Berkshire)
  • Twickenham (Middlesex)
  • Horsham (West Sussex)
  • Preston (Lancashire)